Water Heaters: “You’re in Hot Water”

Beginners Guide on Comparing 4 Types of the Most Efficient Water Heaters in Corona, CA

Our technicians are skilled and qualified to assist you with your water heater needs including installation, maintenance and repair.

As local plumbers we can be at your place in no time.  We service and repair all sizes and varieties of water heaters including conventional gas water heaters, solar water heaters and tankless water heaters in Corona and throughout the Orange County area.

Depending on whether you are building a new home, need to service an existing system or are renovating, you will be pleased with what we offer when it comes to your water heaters repair and installation.

And whether you are faced with something minor such as tankless water heater maintenance, or something more serious such as a professional sewer line repair, we are your number one plumbing service, serving heater repair and installation in Long Beach and throughout Orange Country, California.

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Traditional Storage Tank Water Heaters

Traditional storage tank water heaters have been around for a long time, are typically the most popular choice for and home water heating and are considered to be a practical and safe option for commercial and residential water heating needs.

Storage water heaters run by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when the hot water tap is turned on.  To replace it, cold water is piped in at the base of the tank and heated, thus ensuring that the tank is always full.

This traditional water heating method has kept American homes in hot water for decades. When installing a storage tank water heater in your new home or as part of a remodel, our trained plumbing technicians can assist your with the whole process from selection to installation to maintenance and repair.


Gas Water Heater Leak Repair

Because even a small leak can cause damage to your floors, walls or other parts of your home, you should give immediate attention to any signs of leakage from your water heater.

Traditional water tank water heaters are usually quite reliable, but on occasion they may need some maintenance or repair.

If you discover leakage and determine that the leak is coming from your hot water tank, turn off the power to the unit and turn off the water supply by turning off the cold water shut-off valve and call our trained and qualified plumbing technicians to come and assist you further.

Although some homeowners might attempt the repair themselves, this can sometimes lead to more serious problems. Mistakes made trying to repair the leak may lead to an even larger leak later and more serious water damage to your personal property.

Our plumbing professionals are also in a position to dispose of your old water heater tank if a replacement is in order.  Other common complaints include failure of the heating element resulting in no hot water or discolored water and a sulfuric “rotten egg” smell.  The latter can be caused by bacteria in the water supply or by pipe corrosion.

Call our trained professionals for these and other problems.

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Solar Water Heater Installation and Repair

These days technology is growing in leaps and bounds and we are working together to find more efficient and sustainable ways to produce clean, green energy. Thanks to the strength and constancy of our Orange County sun places like Long Beach, Corona, and Huntington Beach can benefit from utilizing solar hot water heating methods.

The type of solar water heater and cost will vary depending on home size and location.  But since nearly a third of a household’s energy on average goes to heating water, using solar power just makes sense.

In fact, some sources estimate a savings from between 50% to 80% by switching to solar water heater systems.  The two main types of solar water heater systems are Active Systems and Passive Systems.

These systems of solar water heater are sometimes used along with conventional water heater systems depending on location and how much sun your home gets on average.

Our technicians can work with you to determine which type of solar water heater system is right for you and will consider factors as numbers of bathrooms, number of household occupants and use of bathtubs for bathing, etc.

Most modern solar water heater systems are reliable and have a long life span.  However, if not installed or designed properly, they may need some parts replaced or repairs. What malfunctions and why it malfunctions has to do with the system itself, hardness of the water and general climate of the area.

On the whole, solar water heaters require only minimal maintenance and inspection from time to time.  Additionally homeowners will want to take steps to protect against corrosion, freezing and scaling.

Our trained professionals can further assist you to protect against these problems.

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Another common application of solar water heating is with swimming pools.

A solar water heater is a great way to heat your private swimming pool efficiently.  The units are competitive both with pump pool heaters and gas heaters in terms of cost per unit, are very efficient to operate throughout the year and usually have a longer life span than traditional pool heating systems.


Tankless Hot Water Systems

Another way to save on costs and energy is by investing in a tankless water system, sometimes also referred to as an instantanious hot water system.

Popular in Europe for a long time, tankless water heater systems are gaining popularity in the states due to their affordability, compact design and level of energy efficiency. They are called “tankless” to differentiate them from traditional water heating systems that involve a large water storage tank that is constantly filled with water which it maintains at a constant set temperature.

Tankless water systems on the other hand heat water by passing it over coils that heat up when the system is turned on.

Tankless water heater systems make hot water “on demand” and remain inactive when hot water is not required.  These “on demand” water heaters come in two basic kinds: whole-house versions and point-of-use versions. Propane, natural gas and electricity can all be used to power these units.

These systems have many advantages besides the ones already mentioned including ease of maintenance and the fact that instant hot water repair issues are usually minor in nature.

To be sure that your tankless water heater system performs at peak capacity, some maintenance is necessary from time to time.

Tankless water heater maintenance is generally a simple but important and practical service we offer.

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One of the main aspects of maintenance for these systems has to do with hard water and the buildup of mineral deposits in the system.

The buildup of these mineral deposits, or scale, in the piping of your unit can reduce its efficiency.  Your location will likely determine how much of a hard water problem will presented to you.

For instance, residents of Huntington Beach will likely have more of a need for maintenance due to the calcium and/or magnesium in the water supply compared with other parts of Orange County.

Call on our services for quality plumbing and rooter services in Huntington Beach, CA.

We are equipped to help flush the scaling away on your tankless water heater and ensure all the parts continue working properly.

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Instant hot water systems generally have a lifespan of about 20 years.

In addition there is absolutely no risk of leaks with a tankless water heater system.  That is not to say that after installation your system will always work perfectly and you will never need the services of an experienced plumber.

On the contrary, things can and do go wrong with hot water systems, even ones that have been expertly installed and maintained.

Our staff is on hand for when you need emergency plumbing inspection and repair.

For both our commercial and residential customers, we take pride in responding promptly to your call, troubleshooting the problem quickly and resolving the matter with minimal interruption to your daily schedule.

Call us for all your residential and commercial plumbing, heating and water heater related problems.  We’ll help you find the right solution!
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