Temporary Solution of Plumbing Issues

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Water Leak/Burst

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Pipe Clamps – these are strong enough to ensure that leaking pipes remain intact to contain the water within and prevent water pipe burst in house plumbing. Epoxy Compounds – can patch leaks long enough until a proper replacement is in place. Rubber Connectors –wrapped around the pipe to prevent leak, it can be used in various types of plumbing including toilets, drainage, and even laundry lines.

Noisy Plumbing

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Rattling – caused by the vibration of the pipes as water travels through it, the easiest way to address it is to place foam pipe insulation sleeves that are fastened securely. Chattering – this is due to worn out or old faucet washers, so the simple solutions is to replace these with new ones.

Plumbing Odor

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P-Trap –this is filled with water to prevent sewer gas from leaking into your home. Once the water evaporates, it allows the gas to escape and forms foul odor in your home. How to eliminate the sewer odor? Get a pitcher of water and pour some down all of the drains, especially those that you rarely use. This should eliminate any odor.

Frozen Pipe

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Hot Water – wrap the pipe securely with heavy towel and pour hot water over it. Use a bucket to catch the runoff water under the pipe. Heat Lamps or Hair Dryer – this is an alternative heat source and works a bit slower, but with safer results.

Gas Line Leak

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Crack high pressure line fittings to relieve the pressure. Remove impurities from the high pressure line using acetone. Sand the surface to scuff and even it out. Loosely fit the gas line and reinforce it with rubber tape. Apply epoxy on the gas line and leave it overnight to cure.