Fast Guide About Slab Leak Repair & The Prevention

Before we go into the actual tips for slab leak detection, do you have an idea what a slab leak is? These are basically the result of damaged water lines that are positioned in or behind slab foundations in your property. This can cause numerous problems that would require professional solutions to do slab leak repair. Let’s take a closer look at slab leaks.

How to do DIY slab leak detection

Water leak can come from virtually anywhere including sewer lines. However, as far as plumbing issue is concerned, a slab leak can be one of the more difficult to detect leak in your home. This can lead to weak water pressure and even foundation repair. To help you deal with this plumbing leak, here are some warning signs you have to be familiar with. You may do slab leak detection on your own.

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  • High Water Bill

This means being higher than usual or commonly unexplained rise in your water bills. If you are sure that there has been no drastic changes in the amount of water that you use and yet your water bill has increased, then it is time to take steps for plumbing leak detection.

  • Sound of Running Water

Slab leaks are quite difficult to detect because it is normally unseen until it is almost too late and damage has been done. One warning sign is hearing sounds of running water even when no plumbing fixture is turned on. This cause a red flag especially when the sound comes from behind walls and floors.

  • Water Pressure Drop

Locating leaks can be challenging, but one telltale sign is a sudden drop in your water pressure. This is quite easy to notice especially when you frequently take a shower, do laundry, or wash dishes. When this happens, it is time to have a professional plumber detect and repair the leak.

  • Flooring Problems

Another leak detection manifestation is the appearance of damp or warped floors. Usually, when water from a slab leak travels, it ends up on your floors most of the time. This is why a damp or warped floor, or a wet carpet should always be a cause of concern.

  • Mold Growth

After some time, it is inevitable for the leak to cause mold growth. Molds easily thrive on your carpets and drywall because of the trapped moisture. So any signs of molds should cause you to act immediately.

  • Foul Odor

As molds begin to buildup in your property, this will create a musky odor. Although this sounds bad, odor detection can actually alert you to slab leaks that you have no idea exists. Usually, the foul odor can be associated with sewer line problems so you will need professional plumbers to do sewer line repair immediately.

  • Warm Spots

Sometimes you should try to walk around your property barefoot. This will allow you to feel the temperature of the floor. Why is this important? Normally, warm spots are warning signs of slab leaks, especially if your property does not have heated floors.

The key to preventing disastrous consequences from slab leaks is to act immediately once these warning signs are detected.

What Makes Slab Leak Damage Exist?

There are many reasons why water slab leaks can happen. When not detected early on, you can be looking at huge amounts of repair that can occupy much of your time. What are some of the common causes of slab leaks?

  • Ground Shifts

Slab foundations can shift over time due to the weight of the structure. As this happens, the pressure can cause the building to move as well. This means that the water pipe lines running through and around the slabs can become damaged resulting in leaks.

  • Damaged Lines

A lot of plumbing repairs can be attributed to damaged water lines. This is because the damage is not immediately detected especially if there is a small cut or hole on the water line. As the water passes through the line, it will result in water damage that will steadily accumulate creating more problem for you.

  • pH Balance

We don’t realize it, but the pH balance of the water in our properties can also contribute to slab leaks. Anything that is too basic or too acidic should be alarming to you. If you notice that the formation of teal-colored rings in your sinks or tubs, then you should take action at once. A chlorine-like smell should make you think about leak repairs as well.

  • Water Pressure

Testing the water pressure in your home can be done from a number of points of your plumbing system including from the water meter. An excessive water pressure will create unnecessary pressure in the pipes that can lead to cracks and leaks. A professional plumber can do an efficient inspection for your protection.

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Things to Do For Slab Leak Repair

It may be surprising to know, but most of the time, many property owners don’t know how to go about getting proper plumbing repair. Now you may be wondering if you can do the slab leak repair on your own. It is suggested that unless you are a licensed plumbing professional, you should never attempt to do repairs, especially if it is sewer leaks.

There are actually a number of techniques that can be done in repairing slab leaks, with some more intrusive than others. Here are some things that professional plumbers do as part of their leak detection and repair solutions.

  • Repiping

In this type of line repair, instead of fixing the pipe that is causing the problem, the entire plumbing system is replaced. This technique is normally done when it would be cheaper and more reasonable to replace all the pipes instead of simply repairing one.

  • Opening the Foundation

This technique is highly intrusive as it requires getting into the foundation. Usually this would be a good idea if you are doing general renovations or repairs in your home. For example, if you are doing a bathroom remodel, then you can include this as part of the scope of work.

  • Pipe Coating

When you need a cost effective solution, this technique is normally one of the highly suggested. It makes use of an epoxy coating to solve virtually any type of leaks including those that result in hot spots on your floors. It is considered as an environmentally sound solution as well to restore the functionality of your plumbing system.

Take note that all of these are effective solutions in repairing slab leaks, the important thing to remember is to talk with a licensed plumbing specialist to ensure that the right technique is applied to your particular problem.

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The Essential Reason Why You Need To Call Commercial Plumber

Why is it important to call a commercial plumber if you suspect a water leak? Can’t you do it yourself? As we have established, the type of leak can be quite complicated so doing it on your own would be out of the question.

Professional leak detection will ensure that plumbing disasters will be averted and that you won’t be exposed to costly repair work. Can you imagine how costly it would be if a leak weakens your home’s foundation and you would have to repair or replace it? Damaged concrete slabs will also weaken the integrity of your home, which can lead to potentially dangerous results.

Plumbing experts, aside from being properly trained, have the right tools to ensure that leaks are properly and accurately detected. Temporary fixes should not be considered as long-term solutions especially when dealing with something as delicate as slab leaks.

Licensed professional plumbers can ensure that your home remains safe to use. You can have the peace of mind that the necessary precautions are in place so that the problem and the damage will not go beyond what it is at the moment.

Aside from the safety factor and accuracy of the repair, calling on a commercial plumber also comes with a warranty that should the repair work fail, you will not have to worry as the work is completely covered at no extra cost to you.

Repair Options for Commercial Properties

Are the repair options for water lines in homes and commercial buildings different? Yes, when you consider the substantial difference in the way that residential plumbing and commercial plumbing is laid out. So what does this mean? Simply put, if you have a commercial property, you must make sure that the professional plumber you are calling has substantial experience in dealing with commercial building plumbing problems.

Many plumbing companies can detect and fix problems with plumbing systems of homes, but, there are only some that have adequate experience and training in dealing with commercial structures. Make sure that you ask professional plumbers for references before contracting their services to make sure that they do not have experience only in home’s plumbing.

Most of these professional plumbers have plumbing videos that you can review to get a firsthand look at how they handle issues with commercial property plumbing. Just like with residential slab leak problems, it is important to start the repair process for commercial property slab leaks as well. However, it is equally important to make sure that the right type of professional plumber starts the repair process.

How to Prevent Slab Leak

Obviously, there are many different methods for slab leak prevention. Especially when you consider that there is no one-size-fix-all solution to any plumbing system issue. Here are some of the tips you can use to ensure that foundation leaks in your homes and commercial buildings can be minimized if not prevented completely.

  • Routine Drain Cleaning

Getting a routine drain cleaning is one of the most effective ways to keep your plumbing system healthy. This method helps you to keep a close tab on your pipes and be alerted immediately once a leak has sprung. This is especially helpful with drain lines that cannot be inspected by the naked eye. Using a commercial drain cleaner is normally not enough to make sure that your pipes are in tiptop condition.

  • Camera Inspection

This type of plumbing inspection is one of the most reliable in terms of detecting leaks. The sewer camera inspection is a result of existing technology that allows homeowners and professional plumbers to get a look at the exact condition of the insides of your pipes. The camera can be snaked into the plumbing pipes to identify not only cracks and damages, but also clogs. This allows professional plumbers to pinpoint plumbing problems accurately and use the right solution for the problem.

This plumbing service have allowed property owners to save tremendous amounts of money and time in getting solution for their plumbing problems. Using this method requires a fairly good amount of technical skills so it is not really used by those without proper plumbing training.

  • Maintain Water Pressure

There are many reasons why water pressure in your property can go up or down. Keep in mind that maintaining the proper water pressure is the only way to keep your plumbing pipes healthy. Low water pressure will not give you adequate satisfaction from your plumbing in instances where you are taking a bath or washing the dishes for example.

However, excessive water pressure can be devastating. Can you imagine plumbing pipes bursting in your attic? Even if you have surge protection, the water can still get into your electrical system and possibly cause fire. The moist attic insulation can be a host for mold growth that will eventually negatively impact the indoor air quality.

These are just some of the ways that you can prevent slab leaks in your property and avoid costly damage.

If you want to know more on how to prevent slab leak damage and keep your plumbing system healthy, contact a licensed professional plumber today!

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