Slab Leak Detection: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Is Slab Leak Detection Important?

As the old adage goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” do slab leak detection that occur within the concrete slab of your foundation can save you money and prevent regrettable damage.  Water damage can turn even the most beautiful home into a costly mess. If not cared for in a timely manner the situation becomes progressively worse.

Professionals will address slab leaks correctly. In Corona, water and slab leak detection is a growing business as people are discovering its value.  We have experience in slab leak detection and repair in Anaheim and all over Orange County.

Early slab leak detection is the key to lower costs and preserving the integrity of your foundations structure.  This is true for commercial, industrial and residential structures.


Why Do These Leaks Happen?

Many people ask us why these leaks occur.  All pipes eventually corrode, copper, iron, poly whatever the materials.  Buildings are constructed on top of concrete slabs.  The plumbing runs through and underneath this slab.  If the foundation shifts and the concrete cracks, water can begin welling up through the slab.  The shifting foundation can also pull and strain the piping resulting in leaks.

It is important to address this problem promptly.  Air pockets can develop under the slab where the water is leaking which further contributes to erosion of the foundation concrete.  This leads to the need for water damage restoration.

Find out what is happening right under your feet.  Give us a call. Another contributing factor is our location.

As residents of Southern California we have all felt the ground move beneath our feet a time or two.  Not all earthquakes are felt.  Smaller movements may be undetectable to us.  But the shifting movement of the ground influences the stability of the concrete slab our homes stand on.


What Are Signs of a Slab Leak?

What are some signs of slab leak?  When water pipes leak it can be hard to tell where the leak is coming from exactly.  The floors may be unusually hot in certain areas that weren’t hot before resulting from a leaky hot water pipe.

You may begin having high water bills because the water keeps running even after everything is turned off.  You notice that the well pump seems to be running nonstop, but you have no water on.

Some have observed that their hot water pressure is low.  If that’s all happen, it means you have to be ready to do slab leak repair to your home.

At times slab leaks may manifest themselves in the ceiling or a wall through small breaks in the surface coating.   Without the proper tools finding these leaks is almost impossible.  You need a local plumber in Corona, CA to help you out.

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How Do You Repair a Slab Leak?

Doing slab leak repair, at times it’s possible to fix the problem without opening or damaging the concrete slab.  New pipes can be inserted into the old ones.

Another method is new pipes can be run in an alternate location rendering the old piping unused.  The less invasive of the solution, the better the results you get.

Sewer line leaks are a bit more complicated.  Often the old line has to be exposed to get to the bottom of the problem.  We have the tools to do a sewer line camera inspection first to determine the location and magnitude of the problem. However, the point is the faster you do slab leak detection, the lesser problem you get.

Why Contact a Professional?

Slab leak repair might not be easy. Breaking open the concrete foundation in random places hoping to find the leak is unwise.  Repairing the damage done to the floor is expensive and you run the risk of causing additional damage.

If you suspect that there is a leaking pipe in the slab of you residence it is best to contact a professional with the tools and training to pinpoint precisely where the water is leaking from.  We are taking the lead as detection plumbers in Anaheim CA.

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Custom Tool of the Trade

What customized tools do leak detection specialist use?  We are living in a sophisticated age.  Plumbing has become more than just screwing pipes together and snaking drains.  Today even the smallest water leaks can be detected and accurately located via electronic leak detection.

No more random excavations or invasive holes that punching just to find out your guess was wrong.  Your leaks can be found and the problem resolve with minimum impact on your property, time and resources.

This is done by means of sophisticated electronic monitoring devices.  Infrared detectors sense heat and aid in locating hot water leaks.  Other tools utilize sound when doing leak detection.

We can also perform a sewer camera inspection of your drains.  We are pluming leak detection specialists and we provide our technicians with the technology they need to serve you.

In regards to gas line leak repair, we use a machine that detects smell of propane and natural gas.  This tool is very sensitive and highly effective.  Natural gas has no odor in and of itself, but the gas company adds special oil to the gas that gives is that distinct smell as a safety precaution.

We can re-pipe your gas lines and install earthquake proof shut-valves valves.  Our plumbers are trained in gas line re-piping and procedures.

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Water Heater Installation

Some slab leaks end up being the result of old hot water tanks.  The Anaheim and Huntington Beach area has a warm climate but we still need hot water.  We use it to wash dishes, clothes and for effective cleaning.  Besides, how could you soak your tired bones in a relaxing bath after a long day of golf without sufficient hot water?  That’s why we do water heater installation in our home.

If you never seem to have the water heater you need for these activities, we can fix that problem for you.  When these units have reached their functional life span, it’s time to replace them.

We can do an instantaneous water heater installation or tankless water heater and even can do water heater replacement for you who need the new one.

Contact us and let us use our tools.  ERP are professional in water heater installation and will give you a result you can measure.  We also offer other services such as copper re-piping, fixture replacement and commercial kitchen upgrades.

Servicing the Orange County, Anaheim, Huntington Beach area and look forward to becoming your go to plumber.  Conserve water, keep your water bills low and save money.  Benefit from our ability, since water leak detection and repairs are what we do best.

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