8 Plumbing Myths Not To Believe Around Plumbing System

The plumbing system is an essential thing but it is probably not something we acknowledge well. We used to deny if there’s a sign of plumbing issues, and when it happens, we only use our own knowledge to repair or fix it. Sometimes, that is where the real problem begins. We make it more severe using our wrong side. Actually, plumbing issue does not happen every day. That is why we used to don’t see it as a part of our home. Therefore, it is common then if there are numerous rumors and myths around plumbing system that are maybe not necessarily true. So many things about plumbing that we think it’s true. Sure, it is better to know them to avoid doing wrong actions. Here are some of them.

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Save More Money just by Putting Brick in Toilet Bowl

For years, it is believed to avoid the interior wall of the bowl not being leaked easily. In other words, it can just save your money more. In fact, the brick can just make the toilet seem worse. The flapper can be broken. It is also for the fact that the crumble of brick will be anywhere. It is dirty and surely obstructing the pipe.

Refresh the Toilet Using Bleachers

In common, bleacher is functioned to make your clothes and anything look white and cleaner. Unfortunately, it basically contains high levels of chemical substances that are actually dangerous for over usage. The outer layer of the toilet can be easily damaged by the poisonous chemical substance including the bleacher. It is still better to use the toilet refreshener offered in the shops.

The Noise is a sign of about-to-explode water heater

There is still a better possibility. When the water heater is really cleaned, there may be the hard water sediment that is moving around. Sometimes, it blocks the air to rise up. When it is what you experience, the solution is easy. Just turn it off and then clean it up. You can ask for help from plumber to solve this problem.

Refresh the Kitchen Sink Only with Lemon Peels

This myth is actually true but only in certain conditions. When the garbage is not too much, it is possible for sure. Unfortunately, common household garbage is often not that friendly. There are wastes that can’t be done only by the simple lemon peels. For natural refreshener, it is recommended to use the mix of baking soda and vinegar. Well, adding lemon peels is good as well.

Flushable Tissues are really flushable

You should better not be simply tempted by the advertisement. In fact, even the flushable toilet tissues can give you more problems when they are wasted in the toilet. Although they are easy to unravel, if your habit is flushing your tissues, it still can be piled up. In the end, it clogs the pipeline. Trust me, it’s really disgusting when you pull it out with your plunger.

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Small leak is not a big deal

The leak is an issue. Whether it’s big or not, it still means there’s something wrong with your plumbing. Even if the leak is small enough, you have to fix it as soon as possible before it is getting worse. You need to check it to see what cause your plumbing get a leak. So, don’t underestimate any leak even if it is really small and even not visible.

Plunger is also to unclog the sink

Do you really want to do that? Well, you should not. First, it is disgusting to use something from a toilet for the sink. Second, it doesn’t work. Why? The diameter of your toilet and sinkhole is different. The principle of a plunger is using pressure when you push it. It won’t work if the plunger is larger than your sink hole.  For unclog the sink, use tools that are indeed for the sinks like the non-chemical cleaner.

Grease on Sink is OK

Some of you may think grease is not a problem for your sink drain. But, whatever things that are clog can hold up the water flows, and your grease is not the exception. Grease, although it is liquid, can just accumulate and clog your sink. More than that, it smells bad if you keep it that way. Besides, it can even burst the pipe. Make sure to clean it up before it is getting worse.

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