The Most Epic Plumber Tools to Handle Leaky Pipes

Leaky Pipes occurs anywhere. Some of you may come with question how to fix a leaky pipes in basement? Or how to fix a leaking pipe joint? Or maybe how to fix a leaking plastic water pipe? Whatever it is, it all requires plumber tools to fix them, right? However, before we go to the plumber tools to fix leaky pipes, we shall know why the leak can happen. What are the causes that used to be the reason of leaky pipes?


plumber tools for leaky pipes

Common cause of leaky pipes

It is always best to use the right plumbing tools for the job. This is why before considering what tool to use, you need to be aware of the causes of leaky pipes. So what causes pipes leak?

  • Broken or Worn Out Seals – the purpose of seals is to keep the water within the pipes as it travels to the system and through the plumbing fixtures. As you have guessed, once the seal is broken, water leakage will follow.
  • Clogged Lines – leaking water may also be caused by this, which in turn can become more dangerous as the pipe has the potential to burst.
  • Corrosion – water leak in house plumbing, especially old ones, can normally be due to corrosion that destroys the integrity of the pipes allowing the water to seep out.
  • Damaged Pipe Joints or Loose Connections – in order to replace the busted joints, you will need the right plumber tools to make sure that it is fixed correctly.
  • Excessive Pressure – when there is too much water pressure, pipe leaking will be inevitable as the material begins to weaken.
  • Change in Temperature – rapid changes also has a way of affecting the strength of the pipes and resulting in water leaks.

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Plumber Tools for Leaky Pipes

Normally, professional plumbers have these trucks that are loaded with different kinds of specialty plumbing equipment. This allows them to deal with potentially all sorts of plumbing problems. However, there are only a few tools a plumber needs to handle leaky pipes. Take a look.

Plumber tools for leak detection

So how do professional plumbers find leaky pipes? This can vary depending on where the source of the leak is. Sometimes the problem can be from a visible pipe, or in other occasions, from a pipe behind a slab. Here are some of the leak detection equipment professional plumbers may use.

  • Video Inspection – with the help of a small video camera attached to a long flexible cable, plumbers can do water leak detection easier as they have a firsthand view of the condition of the plumbing system.
  • Listening Disc – this is an audio leak detection tool that allows professional plumbers to listen through drywall, furnishing, and cabinets among others. It amplifies the sound of the water leak to find its exact location.
  • Soil Probe – among water leak tools, this helps in dealing with problematic leaks like those on the sewer or main line. The tools helps plumbers to identify pressurized leaks.

These are just some of the professional leak detection tools you can expect plumbers to use.

Plumber tools for leak repair

Now, how to seal a leaky pipe? Well, before we seal it, we have to know what plumber tools we need to fix it. You may found lots of plumber tools in store. But, we’ve covered the common cause of leaky pipes as well as some water leak detection methods using specialized tools. Now let’s look at some plumber tools for leak repair.

  • Plumber’s tape – important when dealing with threaded plumbing connections, it is essential in water leak repair as it helps in keeping the parts together and creating a seal.
  • Channel-Type Pliers – this helps in leak pipe repair because it allows you to grip pipes as well as other plumbing parts with additional leverage gained from its extended handles.
  • Adjustable Pipe Wrench – you get tremendous grip and leverage from this essential plumbing tool. The serrated teeth creates pressure as the wrench is being turned.
  • Tubing Cutter –this tools is necessary when working with copper pipes because it delivers clean cuts with comparatively less effort compared to other tools.

These are some of the tools you may want to have in your leak repair kit. Based on what is uncovered with the water leak detection tool, you can choose the right one for repair.

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In what state of leak that you should call a plumber?

Should you call a professional plumber immediately when you have leaky pipes?

People used to think: “Oh, I only have leaking pipe under sink. I think I can handle this by myself.”

No. If you don’t think you have not enough experience and knowledge about it, you shouldn’t do DIY. If you make a wrong step while repairing, the more problems will you get.

As much as possible, that would be best to call a plumber especially if you do not have the right water leak equipment to handle repairs. But here are some situations where you must make that call at once.

  • Low Pressure – once a significant water pressure drop has occurred, you need professional help. It does not matter if you have a plumbing tool kit at hope, this has to be diagnosed and handled by a professional to prevent potential damage.
  • Lack of Water Supply – you will need the proper plumbing equipment to determine the cause. When there is completely nothing coming out of your fixtures, the problem may be more than just a simple water leak.
  • Burst Pipes – a professional plumber equipment is required to do proper repairs of burst pipes. This is not something you can simply patch up with a repair kit from your home repair center.
  • Smell of Sewage – you may think that you have something in your plumbing kit to handle this problem, but, this foul smell can be an indication of a problem bigger than a leaking pipe.

Whenever you encounter any of these situations, pick up the phone and call a professional plumber immediately.

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