Quick fixing low water pressure problem in your home

Have you ever experienced low water pressure in your home? There are a number of reasons why this could happen and there are a couple of things that you can do about it. Here are some quick fixes that you can apply.

How low water pressure disturb your activity

I have no water in my house. This is a common complaint of homeowners who experience low water pressure. In many instances though, there is water supply, the only problem is that there is not enough pressure to allow it to travel to the various plumbing fixtures.

Low water pressure can be quite uncomfortable especially if you have a lot of dishes to wash, need to cook food, or enjoy having a relaxing shower. This problem will obviously disrupt some of the activities you need to do. So how can we deal with low water pressure in houses?

low water pressure

Causes of low water pressure

What causes low water pressure in the whole house or parts of it? This is the first thing you need to identify to make sure that the problem is corrected. The reality is that this type of plumbing problem can be caused by almost anything from a dripping water faucet to a problem at the end of the water supplier in your area.

It is also possible that the low water pressure is the result of substances that build up in your home plumbing pipes, which prevents proper water distribution. The great news is that some of the common causes of water pressure problems are quite easy to fix.

How to do quick fixing of low water pressure:

How to fix low water pressure in shower, kitchen, or the entire house would require different steps. For this particular quick fix, let us assume that the low water pressure problem happens in the entire house. Let us also assume that the pressure problem happens for both the hot and cold water supply. Let’s do these steps.

  1. Since this is an overall problem, the first point to check is the water pressure regulator that should be connected to your main water supply line.
  2. Check the reading of the water pressure gauge to ensure that it is within the ideal range. If the pressure reading falls below, then the problem is with the source of your water supply so call them immediately.
  3. If the gauge reading is ideal, the next step is to visually check for leaks, which will cause the water pressure to drop.
  4. If there are no leaks on the line or any of your plumbing fixtures, then you need to check the water shutoff valves in your home.
  5. Make sure that the shutoff valves are completely opened to increase water pressure.

If these quick fix steps do not solve your water pressure problem, the next logical step is to call a professional plumber immediately.

low water pressure

Ways to maintain your plumbing to prevent low water pressure

Preventing low water pressure in your home is not as easy as simply making sure that you have the ideal pressure in your plumbing lines. Even if you have the best water pressure booster pump installed, you may still experience low pressure if some isolated problems exist. Here are some ways to maintain ideal water pressure in your home plumbing.

  1. Clean Aerators – this is a quick fix for low water pressure in one faucet only, the shower, or even the dishwasher.
  2. Inspect Shutoff Valves – almost all plumbing fixtures have shutoff valves, which can wear out over time. Make sure all valves are working.
  3. Replace Water Filters – clogged filters prevent proper water flow in your home plumbing system.
  4. Repair Leaks – no matter how small, the presence of leaks can result in low water pressure when using two faucets or having more than one plumbing fixture open simultaneously.

What makes professional plumbing solve this problem better than DIY

Although these tips are designed to provide quick fixes for low water pressure problems in your home, there is no substitute to having a professional plumber handle the problem. Why?

A professional Orange County plumber will be able to better diagnose the problem because of his training and experience. Without the training and experience, you may not even consider that the cause of the water pressure problem can be obstructions or even plumbing pipes that are too small in size for your home.

With these simple reasons, it is always better to allow professional plumbers to handle these types of problems than use DIY methods.

Regardless whether you are facing an emergency plumbing problem or not,do not hesitate to call ERP plumbers every time. Pick up that phone now!

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