Hydrojet Cleaning: An Amazing Way to Free Your Drains from Clogging

Hydrojet Cleaning: Free Your Drains

Are your pipes starting to plug?  Slow moving drains are a nuisance. It may be time for hydrojet cleaning therapy. Hydrojet cleaning is especially important for older homes in the area. The plumbing, especially the drains, stop flowing like they used to. The buildup of residue and scale over time is a serious concern for homeowners. In time, traditional methods and chemical flushes are no longer effective, leaving your system compromised. Hydrojet cleaning in conjunction with conditioning and softener restoration can save you from expensive repairs and extend the life of your system. It can be compared to a home improvement project from the inside.

What is Hydrojet Cleaning?

Hydrojet cleaning makes use of high-pressure water to power wash the insides of your plumbing system. Years of build-up accumulating on the inside walls of your pipes make your system less effective. This process can have your drains moving as fast as they did the day they were first installed.

When we say high pressure, the hydro jetting pressure is up to 4000 psi. At this pressure, the water we’re shootings into your pipes can effectively cut through tree roots and emulsify the grease that is plugging up your plumbing. When people have problems with their drains they typically choose to have them snaked out with a traditional mechanical plumbing snake.  While this hydrojet cleaning method can break up the blockage, it doesn’t address the root cause.  The grease that has accumulated and collected dirt and waste is the cause.  For nearly the same cost hydrojet cleaning systems can unclog drains and improve the condition of your existing plumbing system eliminating slow draining pipes.

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Why Should You Choose the Hydrojet Cleaning Method?

Many plumbers still rely on cable snaking methods. Some use lower pressure rigs to perform a rinsing of the pipes. True hydro-jetting requires a specific set up that can generate and maintain these high pressures (4000 psi) throughout the drain cleaning process.  This is the only way to cut through tree roots that may have entered the plumbing and dissolve the grease layers that have grown on the inside of your pipes.  Flushing all of this debris completely out is key and our jetting systems can do this.

The state of the art hydro-jet system utilizes a high-pressure stream of water in conjunction with a vacuum.  The high-pressure jet cuts through the grease pushing it downstream.  The vacuum rig pulls the dislodged matter into a filter action system and holding tank.  The waste is removed and processed in accord with health codes.  Our technicians are trained to accomplish this process effectively and efficiently leaving your plumbing as good as new.

Things To Know About Hydrojet Cleaning

There are some significant advantages to the hydrojet cleaning method.  For one, it’s environmentally friendly.  Rather than breaking up the clogs and allowing them to move down the plumbing system into the sewer, the hydrojet cleaning method captures the debris and disposes of it ecologically. Another advantage is the degree to which this method cleans your pipes.  By power washing, the inside of your plumbing the pipes is left in a nearly brand new condition.  This is one of the most effective forms of preventative maintenance you can do on your system.  Slow moving drains harbor bacteria that pose health risks.  Additionally, the precision with which this process is carried out causes less stress on the pipes during the cleaning.

The facts about Hydrojet Cleaning People should know:

Many people use their drains like a garbage disposal.  As a result sewer pipes build up grease and easily clog.  As hydro-jet relies on a stream of water as its cleaning method, it is very safe and cost-effective.  The hydrojet cleaning method is great for trenchless sewer repair and improved sewer line performance.

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Hydrojet Cleaning Excavation

The hydro-jet rig can also be used as an excavation tool.  The stream of water shoots into the region you want to excavate breaking up the soil.  The powerful vacuum removes the dislodged soil depositing it into the holding tank. This process is very precise and easily contained.  When work needs to be done in a confined space this method is extremely effective. There are also safety advantages.  If delicate repairs to the utilities need to be performed the hydro-jet can expose the problem area without damaging the infrastructure.  The costs involved in repairing the intrusion are lower due to the focused entry.

The advantages of hydro excavation include: safely exposing utility lines without damaging them, easily negotiating congested sites, reducing restoration costs and keeping the process very clean and precise.

Hydrojet Cleaning For Sewer Lines

High-pressure water jetting works especially well for clearing sewer lines.  Sewer piping is notorious for clogging up from all the oil, grease, and matter we send down the drains. Of course, one concern is safety.  Sewers harbor bacteria and other pathogens that make working in such conditions hazardous.  The hydrojet cleaning solves this problem because the waste that is dislodged by the high-pressure water stream is collected in a bunker and can be dealt with appropriately once the job is done.

After sustaining a serious backup, it’s not uncommon that sewer piping needs to be replaced or repaired.  Did you know, hydro-jetting can restore the inside of your plumbing?  At times this even means pipe replacements are unnecessary.

Restoring the Main Drainage Line With Hydrojet Cleaning

There are times when sewer lines need to be replaced due to being compromised by a clog.  Mainline restoration includes a complete replacement or a re-piping of that section of the plumbing system. We have discovered that in some cases after the high-pressure water treatment these lines don’t need to be replaced at all. Because the hydro-jet utilizes high-pressure water streams forced upon the interior plumbing lining, small dents and imperfections can be reshaped in the process. These are often formed by debris that has built up inside the pipeline causing the clog.

How does it work?

The hydro-jet uses a rotational polishing action to clean the pipe’s interior.  The pressure is able to restore the pipe’s inner wall into a new condition by buffing out scratches, cuts, abrasions, and various other imperfections that can reduce water flow. If your plumbing is in relatively good condition, to begin with, this is usually the case.  On the other hand, older piping systems that have developed hairline cracks, puncture holes, collapsed structural elements, or other major damage, will require repair.  The hydrojet cleaning service would be the first step in this process.  The afterwards inspection would need to be performed to determine if other services are needed.


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In the instances where the main line can be reformed by the powerful of hydro jetting pressure polishing motion of the hydro-jet, the costs are drastically reduced.  This method proves to be faster than that of re-piping or even sectional replacements.  For this reason, many will choose to hydrojet cleaning before exploring other options.

In order to learn how your plumbing system can benefit from hydrojet cleaning services, call us today for a service inspection. If no one answers the phone, connect with us online via our plumbing service request form.

The Process Begins

When we begin the process of servicing your main line with hydro-jet, we start at the bottom and work our way up. The high-pressure nozzle is strategically inserted into the system downstream.  The hydro jetting pressure stream moves in a circular motion methodically progressing upstream against gravity.  This enables the dislodged debris to move back down a drainage path into the clean-out area.

The focused streams of high-pressure water scouring the inside of your plumbing pipeline reform the inside pipe surface.  This results in a polishing and restorative finish. Now the inside of a mainline will become smooth and shine like new.

After the cleanup, everything is restored to original working order.  The system is now tested to ensure that everything is up to high job standards.

Why Should You Hire an Expert For Your Hydrojet Cleaning Needs?

The best drain unclogging options require some expertise.  Knowing how to execute this process with an as little impact on the homeowner as possible is important. We work hard to ensure that you as the homeowners stay in the loop as we step systematically through this process.  At Emergency Response Plumbers we place a high priority on accomplishing the hydro-jetting process in a way that ensures the safety of the homeowner and doesn’t damage the plumbing system.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Emergency Response Plumbers top service is a fundamental part of our culture. Unsurpassed quality is non-negotiable.  We work to meet the requirements of the homeowner.  We accomplish this the old fashioned way, through attention to detail.  Our team has decades of experience in the plumbing trade.  This experience enables us to complete jobs in a timely fashion with unmatched quality. Let us help you make a wise decision for your property’s plumbing systems.  Call us for hydrojet cleaning service and talk to a trusted plumber!

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