The Drama of Every Household: How to get a flushable toilet?

Is it really hard to get a flushable toilet? Before that, you need to know first that toilets are one of the important components in household life, poor toilet maintenance can cause problems such as congestion that occurs. If the congestion has occurred, the costs that must be spent to settle the problem is higher than the maintenance.

Therefore maintaining toilet care is one of the things that needs to be done by not removing inappropriate items flowing into the sewer. The other drama of every household is flushable toilet. Flushable toilet occurs with various reason, the cause could be from your sewer, but it could be from your habit too.

How so? Let’s dive in!

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Getting a Flushable Toilet: Not Everything is Allowed to Flushed

Not every waste is allowed to be flushed into your toilet. The toilet is indeed a dumping place but generally only one thing that can be disposed of through the toilet is human waste. All of the waste such as tissue or toilet paper can cause clogging in your toilet drain system and the water will unable to flow properly. That is why the characteristics of a clogged toilet and not flushabletoilet are the overflow of toilet water when you do flushing.

There are several things that cause toilet clogged and not flushable such as:

  • The items you throw into the toilet are wrong

Not all items can be disposed of through the toilet, it does look like a toilet will be able to throw it away but over time the items or garbage that is thrown away will accumulate and become clogged in your drain and not flushabletoilet anymore. Tissue or toilet paper is not an item intended to be disposed of through the toilet. In addition, you also cannot dispose of items such as cotton, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, toothpicks, leftover food waste such as coffee powder, and objects that cannot be rinsed by the toilet.These several items could affect how does a toilet flush system work.

  • You have a toilet with low flow

There are various types of toilets, one of which is a toilet with low water flow. This is intended to save water when the toilet is rinsed. But often this is one of the factors that causes clogged toilets, because the water flow is so low and cannot provide a strong thrust and the toilet only keeps a little water on the flush tank.  Therefore you should reduce waste disposal such as paper toilets on the toilet.

  • Your drainage is blocked

The clogging of the toilet does not always occur because of the condition of your toilet. One of the factors is your drainage that might be blocked. Blockage of the drain can be caused by a buildup of garbage items such as toilet paper, besides the tree roots covering the canal can also cause blockages in your drainage.

  • Your toilet trapway is blocked

If you look at your toilet disposal area, and you see that curved porcelain, it is called trapway toilet. Trapway toilets are designed to hold inundation and keep the gas in the sewer in and make the air smell. Troubled toilet traps can be caused again by not throwing away items that should not be thrown in your toilet.

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What Do I Do if My Toilet Won’t Flush? How to repair it?

Your hope as a toilet user always want to have flushable toilets, well but it is undeniable that sometimes there is a problem with your toilet, then you wonder why does your toilet not want to be flushed? The first thing you have to do is to look at the cause of your toilet not functioning properly. Because the toilet flush problems can occur with the flush mechanism or cut down on your disposal.

Generally the flush mechanism is the reason why your toilet won’t rinse. You can see if there is a problem with your flapper, the Flapper is the part of the toilet tank that is open to allow water to flow into the toilet bowl, and then toss it over the hole to allow the tank to refill. And if you still hear water flowing from inside the tank but no one enters the bowl, it indicates that your toilet flapper is not properly installed above the hole. That can be because the flapper itself is not good or the chain comes apart from the flapper or works way under the flapper. Sometimes the flapper will sit back on its own if you just shake the handle several times.

In addition, if it is clogged toilet, you can use a plunger to help rinse your toilet, the next way is to use a tool called a plunger, this tool has the purpose of sucking the toilet and launching a blocked channel. The way to use it is you only need to push the plunger towards the bottom of the toilet and then pull and flush your toilet again.

In addition, you can use hot water as another option if the problems is clogged drain, but if you use too much hot water, the toilet and pipeline can be damaged, if indeed some of the above methods cannot, then you should call service for your toilet.

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Toilet maintenance steps

To get a flushable toilet you need to take care and maintain the condition of your toilet and how does a toilet flush system work. Then what are the steps to maintain the condition of your toilet?

  • Do not throw any items into the toilet

Simply put the toilet is not a garbage disposal, therefore you cannot dispose of various items that cannot be rinsed by the toilet or which can cause blockages. Items such as cotton, wet tissue, feminine hygiene products, toothpicks, leftover food waste such as coffee powder, and can not be removed by the toilet can not be disposed of through the toilet.

  • Maintain leakage conditions

Besides you have to take care of what you will throw into your toilet, you also need to check if there is a drain leak that occurs in your toilet flush valve, or in any toilet flush parts because if a leak occurs, the risk of damage to your toilet, wall and floor will increase.If a leak occurs, you must always have plumbing supply and plumbing fixtures to fix this problem yourself.

  • Make sure the tank is functioning properly

You should check whether your tank will function properly, because to get a good toilet condition one of them is to maintain the tank with good performance.

  • Clean in a routine period of time

In addition, you also need to do toilet maintenance and plumbing maintenance regularly, so if there is a problems with your toilet you can have toilet flush parts and repair it immediately and then  you can use the toilet always in good condition.

Why I need a professional to handle it?

Why do you need the services of a professional plumber and trusted plumber to do flushable toilet maintenance or repair your toilet? This is because there are types of toilet flush systems & water closet types, and different types has different maintenance.

Professional services already know the ins and outs of problems in the toilet, where professional services do not require a long time to solve your toilet problems, in addition trusted plumber can do work without you have to be in home, so you can get your toilet fixed even you’re in the office.

Apart from that you don’t have to bother to find out how to improve your toilet and the processing time you can submit to these professional services. Plus you don’t want your toilet to become more chaotic if you do it yourself right and of course you want a flushable toilet.

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