Why it’s Crucial to Immediately Contact an Emergency Plumber

Looking for an emergency plumber in Santa Ana?

Imagine this scenario, one late Saturday night you wake up to a basement flooded with water. Where is it coming from?  Why did this happen?  Discovering a plumbing problem can be stressful.  Diagnosing and repairing the problem quickly is important to preventing further damage.

Don’t worry you’re not alone.  There is an emergency plumber in the Santa Ana area ready to help.  We’re also performing emergency hour plumbing repairs in Corona and Newport Beach as well.  Our emergency technicians are happy to come to your residence or commercial dwelling any time.

From a simple leak to complicated sewer drain backups, our service technicians know how to approach the situation in a timely and professional manner.  Fast and focused, our capable staff will provide what you need.


Clogged Drains

When a drainage pipe is clogged the backed up water creates more and more pressure.  This can easily result in a burst pipe.  Not a pretty picture.  A quality rooter plumbing service in Orange County and Corona can be hard to find.

We have ample experience serving professional floor drain and sewer cleaning plumbing system in Long Beach and throughout Orange County.  Not all clogs are created equal.  At times the blockage can become so impacted that sewer line replacement becomes necessary.  This is also right up our ally.


Commercial Kitchen Plumbing and Heating Issue

Commercial kitchens are notoriously hard on their pipes, so commercial kitchen plumbing and heating issues are common.  Southern California is famous for their restaurant culture and there are new ones opening daily.  The laws in California with regards to commercial kitchens are detailed and carefully enforced.

Safety in the food industry is no joke.  You need plumbers who are skilled and up to date with these regulations to ensure that the repairs done meet legal standards.  In this nonstop environment, being shut down or delayed translates into a significant loss of revenue.

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These are some of the areas where commercial plumbers are qualified.  Tankless hot water lines damage restoration and treatment.  Commercial kitchens are often packed with workers preparing and cleaning.

Tankless hot water systems are effective and save space.  But if the piping isn’t maintained or becomes damaged this poses a threat to the safety of the employees.  Proper replacement and restoration is important.

Another aspect to commercial kitchen plumbing is water heater repair, maintenance, replacement and installation.  Older water tanks begin to collect sediment and minerals harden to the heat exchanging mechanisms.

Caring for this correctly saves time and trouble in the long run.  Additionally, water softener filtration is an important part of protecting and extending the life of your system.

Finally, gas line leak repair and installation.  Gas is no laughing matter and gas leaves result in explosive fires. Meeting the code and understanding the principles behind working with this substance is paramount to safety.


Commercial Bathrooms

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or business and after seeing the condition or their bathroom turned around and left?  The maintenance and repair of your commercial bathroom says a lot about your business.

Clogged drains, slow toilets, water leaking from the faucets, these things effect the way people view your establishment influencing their relationship with your business.

Fortunately the opposite is also true.  A well maintained restroom is like a picture worth a thousand words.  From the customer to the employee, a relaxing sense of trust prevails.

Additionally, the world we live in is becoming more and more cognizant of our environment.  Water-saving fixtures, low flow toilets and faucets send the message that your company is a leader and open to growth.  They also save you money which is a plus.  Address emergencies in the bathroom promptly.


Residential Plumbing Emergencies

While there are many residential plumbing contractors in Anaheim and the Orange County area, choose one that has the experience and expertise to deliver the service you deserve.

Unlike industrial style construction, residential homes are often made of more vulnerable materials like wood and plaster.  Add to that carpet and a simple leak becomes a stressful problem. But we can help you get it fixed without any worries.

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Bathroom Sink and Faucets Plumbing


Kitchen and bathroom faucet plumbing line installation, repair and replacement is a fundamental part of caring for your home.  Bathroom sink and faucet plumbing has to be installed correctly form both a mechanical and aesthetic point of view.  Let’s us help you care for that responsibility.


When sewage backs up into your home it is much more invasive than in an industrial or commercial setting.  The clean up and repair is also much more personal.  We are here to make that process easier on you. Call us for kitchen and toilet clogged sink drains, repair or replacement.


Toilets contain multiple mechanisms to accomplish their task: gaskets, floats, flow valves.  Anything could go wrong.  While there are many reasons toilets get plugged, toys are the leading cause for clogging in residential toilets.  Even if the toy that your child stuck down the toilet hole is one of the most famous plumbers Mario and Luigi, you’ll need a real plumber to fix it.  We offer emergency service calls at any time of the day or night.


Leaks That Are Hard to Locate

Some leaks are very hard to locate.  Where is the water coming from?  Where is it all going?  For instance, swimming pool leaks.  You may be adding water constantly but the pool never seems full.  How do you fix it?  This is not a problem for our staff.  We have the detection tools and understanding to isolate the leak promptly.

Leaks within the concrete floor slab of a commercial property or business.  These must be addressed in such a way that the problem is contained without unnecessary interruption to daily operations.

When pipes leak slowly in ceilings and walls large quantities of water can be lost and accumulated damage will result.  At time this happens without the homeowner even noticing.  Call us to diagnose the situation and save you money and anxiety down the road.

Contact us in an emergency and schedule an inspection.  Our trained technicians will arrive quickly and act effectively.  We are here to provide for your emergency plumbing needs, serving emergency plumber in Huntington Beach, Corona and the greater Orange County area.  We are ready to help you!
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