Step by Step of DIY Plumbing Maintenance: Say Bye to Your Leaky Pipes

Why should you do plumbing maintenance in your home?

Have you ever get leaky pipes, burst pipe, or broken water heater? plumbing maintenance

If yes, then you already know that plumbing maintenance is an important thing to do. But, if you’re not, then this is what you should know from the start. We believe that home is our place for resting, place for sharing quality times with our family, therefore it is a valuable place for us. That’s why it should be a comfortable place.

However, there are so many problems in the home that may exist. Home system problem is the most crucial because it supports your daily needs and activity. One of the home system problems that used to appear is plumbing. But how do you keep your home value if there’s a plumbing problem that may appear anywhere in anytime?

Many people don’t realize how important plumbing is until they get the leak in their pipe, broken shower tub, or even get flooded home. This may something that looks simple and we used to forget, but you need to know that plumbing serves the necessity of water for us in every single day. If you live in an apartment, you may think that plumbing is out of your business because there’s a management that will handle it.

This is the wrong perspective. The truth is, plumbing is more complicated in high-rise building rather than in a single home. So if there is something wrong happen with your plumbing, it takes more than the usual time to repair it. No, your property management would not take care of it as well as it should be, or repair it as soon as it should be.

If plumbing is still out of your concern, then you may re-think again after knowing these several facts. This is what happened to them that not pay attention to plumbing until they suddenly woke up and got their home flooded.

  • Jan 8, 2014

Freezing temperature causing water lines to burst and caused burst pipe. It caused flooding to the whole property owners. It’s too late to prevent frozen pipes and repair it because all shops are closed and only hope the damage is lessened.  The main pipe was broken and the homeowner didn’t have any idea what to do. The plumber said it is not the cost of the repair of the pipe or even the loss of the water whilst it is fixed, but the sheer amount and cost of the damage water can do. (Source: ABC Action News)

frozen pipe

  • Dec 12, 2015.

It was a preparation for Christmas, and a family started to design their beloved home, and ready for the holiday. However, they got ‘new guest’ to accompany their Christmas.  They got water leak and it expanded to the entire rooms in their home. Their home was flooded right before Christmas because of aging plumbing. Old plumbing turns their Christmas into a major disaster in a home. It ruined the whole area in their home and now they need to pay more. (Source: ABC Action News)


home flooded

  • Oct 10, 2016

A couple that just had a newborn baby had to be disappointed because their bathroom clogged. All the sinks are clogged and it has raw sewage flooding in an apartment.  It became more severe because the clogged was hard to maintain. The water flooding expanded to the whole bathroom and they couldn’t use their bathroom until they called a plumber. (Source: ABC15 Arizona)


  • May 28, 2017

Two engineers killed and one injured after entering manhole. It happened after a sewer pipe burst and quickly filled an underground tunnel under construction where they were carrying out digging work. (Source: United News International)


Now you see, it all happened because there’s something wrong with their plumbing. There’s an issue but it’s too late for them to handle it. For example, your water heater gives signs that there’s something wrong within (e.g. a noise sound, pull out the rusty water, and water leak around the water heater) but you don’t pay attention to it until it’s too late to do water heater repair cause it’s already broken. We don’t want it to happen to us of course. This is why if we are talking about plumbing, maintenance is everything. Plumbing can turn its image into a nightmare for us and that’s the last thing we want to be happening.

So the next question, why is it important?

Why do we have to pay attention more to our plumbing?

It’s not that it’s going to have problems every day anyway.

Yes, it’s not. However, plumbing knows no time to get the leak, to get broken, to get clogged, and have problems. It seems okay now but you’ll never know about tomorrow. There are so many examples of accident happened right before Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Can you imagine? We should enjoy our times, sharing good moments with our family and friends, but plumbing takes our concern to repair it. This is why maintenance is important. Furthermore, plumbing system can be more complicated if it has a damage within. Prevention is better than reparation. You better detect the leak early before it causes more damage. You never want your beloved home get flooded right?

Now you already realize how important plumbing maintenance is. Then you should know that you need to do plumbing maintenance to keep your plumbing stay in a good condition. Some of you may think that that is out of your mind. You are inexperienced with plumbing things, even don’t know what plumbing is and don’t have any idea what to do.

If you are the type of that person, you may relief because in this article, we will reveal the whole secret and important plumbing maintenance that a professional plumber used to do. Don’t worry if you think that it is going to be long-complicated and boring things because it is not.

plumbing maintenance

Here are details of the simple yet important steps of plumbing maintenance checklist you should do it by yourself for your home plumbing:

Step #1: Bathroom

Check for faucet leaks.

Faucet leak is not harder to detect. If there’s a leak in your faucet, the faucet will keep running. Sometimes it’s not that obvious because it can appear in various places. There are some of the places you need to check to see whether there is a leak or not.

  • Spout. If you have a dripping faucet, it may be there’s a leak in its pipe. The faucet handle will tighter every time you want to shut it off because it keeps the faucet stay in the right position so it won’t leak. So remember to tighten the faucet every time you use it.
  • Around the base of the faucet. This place used to be forgotten by us every time we use the sink. We only concern to the faucet. But leak also can appear at the base of the faucet. But it’s a little bit hard to notice. It’s only detected when you turn on the faucet. If there’s water flow from it, then it can possibly happen because of the leak.

leaky faucet

Source: Aaron Stickley

  •   Under the sink. This might the hardest thing to check because you may not check it if there is no problem yet. Furthermore, it’s quite dangerous, because if there’s a leak under your sink, then the water leak may fall on the floor and it makes the puddle. It’s not impossible if you get the slip if you don’t notice it from the beginning. So you better check it continuously. Turn on the water slowly to see where the leaks come from. Need to note, that you need to know how to shut off appliances. If plumbing system has problems, whether it’s as simple as the little leak, clogged or anything, you need to stop the system first before you fix it if you don’t want the worse happen. Locate the main shut-off water valve in your home.

Check running toilet.

Running toilet may seem like not a big problem but it wastes lots of water. The signs of running toilet are when your toilet handle sticks need a little jiggle or the tools in your toilet parts is wear down, or maybe there’s a sound when you are flushing your toilet. So you better check it carefully.

Drain slower. Drain slower can cause clogged sink and the over water flow. There are some of the things to avoid slower drain. First is clean the whole debris or any hair in your sink drain.  Second, use the plunger to pull all the wastes inside the toilet.

Don’t throw any waste into your toilet. Your toilet drain is for sump and water only, don’t flush tissue toilet, paper, or any ‘thing’ inside of it, because in the end, it would be piled up and clogged.

drain clogged

Source: Henrik Sorensen

Second, remove the sink pop up to let the clogged water flow to the drain. The third step, use drain cleaner to clean your drain. It makes sure to help your drain is clear of debris. However, if for some reason your drain cleaner is not working, you may need to take your plunger in action.

Step #2: Kitchen

Garbage disposal.

Many people don’t pay attention to this one, but it’s important to check whether there’s a leak or not. The garbage disposal can be one of leak source. However, if you have a leak in your garbage disposal, it doesn’t always mean that you have to replace it with the new one. The leaks can appear in anywhere such as in gasket or in the flange.

Kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink can be a hard thing to deal with. It is prone to have leaks or trouble in its drain. Checking the kitchen leak every time is needed to prevent this issue. Beside of kitchen leak, you also need to clean your kitchen drain every month. Dirty kitchen drain can be a source of the clogged sink. Consider getting drain cleaner to clean your drain.


Gas is also may get a leak. But this time, we are not going to talk about the water leak, but the gas. Gas can be dangerous if its pipeline is the leak. This leak is more dangerous rather than you’re the leak in your kitchen sink. Because a small leak may gradually build up an explosive concentration of gas, leaks are very dangerous.

If gas pipe leaks happen, turn off the gas first. Put away everything that can stimulate fire, and unplug the pipes from your stove and the gas tank. Install the new gas pipe for your gas.

gas leak

Having a gas detector is a good idea. The gas detector is a tool to detect the presence of gases in the air. It has a sensor that works when levels of gases in the air are too much or contain a dangerous type of gas.

Water pressure

Check your water pressure all the time in your kitchen faucets. Too high or too low of water pressure can cause new plumbing issue. If water pressure is too high or too low, you need to install a pressure regulator to bring it to the safe level. If you have it already but the water pressure is still not stable, it means your pressure regulator needs to repair or replace depends on levels of its problem.

Step #3: Septic and Sewer

  1. If you have septic tanks in your home, you better check it once every three years. Sometimes, it needs to be pumped. The installed and inspection requires a professional plumber to do. But if you feel that it has been three years since it was installed, then you need to call a plumber to pump and inspect it. If it’s inspected continuously, septic tank can give you free drainage problem and also wastewater.
  2. Sewer drain may be clogged. It’s going to be harder to solve if it’s stoppage. If you have sewer lines clogged, you better don’t use any plumbing for a while. It means there’s stoppage in your sewer. The sign of sewer problem is when some of the plumbing fixtures are back up at the same time. The most affected plumbing of sewer drain stoppage is a toilet, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t affect the other plumbing. Tub shower, flush of a toilet, even washing machine can be a sign of stoppage. If they are not working correctly or get blocked.

Now you know what you should do for your plumbing maintenance. So spend a little bit time to do plumbing maintenance inspection. It’s really a simple task that everyone can do. All you need to do is checking before it’s too late. But, here is the next question. How if you don’t have any time to do this? You are a busy employee that works nine to five, or maybe you are somebody that not stays in your home for a long term because of your business. So how do you suppose to do this plumbing maintenance while you are out of home?

Easy. If you are that type of person, then you can rely on us. That’s what we are meant to be. We are Emergency Response Plumbers, professional and trustworthy plumbers that have handled this plumbing issues and maintenance for more than ten years. We can prove to you that this is not going to bother you anymore. We can do all plumbing repair and plumbing maintenance to keep your plumbing so it doesn’t bother you when you are in your home.

If you can do the whole plumbing maintenance by yourself, we are a local plumber, ready to be your assistant to help your works. With tons of experience in plumbing, we believe we can serve you with the best service. Don’t hesitate to call us soon. We’re here 24/7, whenever you need a plumber to back you up.


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