5 Quick Ways to Spot Water Leak Location, Detection Techniques

Water leak is definitely little but sneaky problems that if it is unnoticed it can lead to monstrous results like electrical risks, structural damage and mold. With some obvious warning signs like changes in water flow, musty odors and skyrocketing water bills, repair is definitely required when any of the leaks is found.

In the meantime, it is also important to figure out the causes like clogged drains and weak pipe joints. Extreme temperature fluctuations like the rapid changes from hot to cold or vice versa may also mean there is expanding or faster contracting of the pipe that actually should not mean to happen.

As a result, it causes cracking pipe. The overly high water pressure can also be another cause as the improperly balanced or excessive pressure can stress out the pipes because the pipes can only handle certain pressure amount. When it is too much, it will cause unwanted damage.

Where It Can Happen

How to find water leak in your house? Basically, water leaks can happen anywhere including in house, apartments and parts. Every part of the house is vulnerable to water leaks so it is necessary for regular check. Because it can be happened in underground, under floor, shower, bathroom, under slab, yard and even inside of your wall.

A house with poor maintenance especially when it is old already is very susceptible to water leaks. Therefore, in case you are buying a house, hire plumber to check the all water pipes to find out any problems if exist. While in the apartment, the risk is as high as in the house. An owner with poor use of water also tends to face water leaks problem than those who use water carefully.

water leak

Where Water Leaks Affect Around the Property

In a house, water leak problems can happen anywhere inside and outside the house. Any small signs of it should be followed up immediately before it grows into a bigger problem.

For instance, the leaking faucet is a common one which is usually caused by worn rubber washer. It can be found under the handle which makes the replacing very easy using the right tools. During the repair, it is necessary to shut off the water though.

Flapper valve leak is another problem which happens in the toilet. It is caused by improperly sealing or working flayer that is located in the tank’s bottom. When the flapper becomes cracked or worn, it will cause the water to flow continuously without flushing from the tank right into toilet bowl.

Flush handle problem makes a common problem as well. Usually, it is caused by sticking chain and flush level bar so the toilet cannot running. To solve it, adjusting the nut is necessary. The nut itself is a part securing the flush in toilet tank.

toilet clogged

Meanwhile, the other possible water leaks are still varying. What should be done is to be cautious of the exact leak location because some problems start from at one location only before it affects other locations. Any obvious signs are something cannot be taken lightly like discoloration or warped stains and excessive condensation. The condensation to be particular can damage the walls and it will lead to costly repair.

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Damages Caused by Water Leaks

Water leaks definitely are problems that cannot be underestimated because of the damages caused. Not only does it lead to costly repair but also health concern especially if it happens inside the house. The most common damage is the damage to attic and ceiling. It certainly damages the interior ceiling, make the ceiling darken and the plaster expanded and bubbled. As a result, it requires at least hundreds of dollars or repair.

Interior mold is another common damage caused by water leaks. Remember that mold can spread easily through the structure of the home and the HVAC system. It can also invade the furniture, carpets and also clothing. In this case, black mold is the one that appears most of the time due to chronic water intrusion. When mold is left untreated or unrepaired, it definitely can lead to health concerns especially for home owners with high sensitivity and often suffer from asthma, inflammations, rhinitis and nasal congestion.

Fire hazard due to water leak is also another possibility because the leak may damage the electrical wiring. Therefore, once water leak is noticed on the ceiling, make sure to call in an electrician for examination.

Water Leaks Detection

Water leaks detection is actually a job that you can handle yourself before calling in professional in case the problem is severe. You need to see whether there are plumbing leaks in your home or not. For instance, start by checking the pressure relief valve that is located on hot water tank. There is a possibility of unnoticed leaks if checking is not done. This time, try to listen and look for hissing sound as it is a sign of leaks.

Water line leak detection for toilet is also quite important to do. You don’t need many of water line leaks equipments to detect and find the leak. To check any leaks inside the toilet, remove the top and listen very closely. Any hissing sound is a clear sign of water leaks. Then, make sure to locate the sound to find the source. If the leak is minor, it can be done by yourself. However, if it is severe, make sure to call in a professional plumber for repair.

It is also necessary to detect any water leaks by the house if any. To do this, locating the hose bibs is the first thing to do. The bibs are usually in front and in the back so make sure to check both of them and listen for any hissing sound as signs of leaks.

When doing water leaks detection, using a water detector is very helpful. It is indeed a particular electronic device to detect water presence by making an audible alarm sound every time leakage is found no matter how small it is. This is going to make your water leaks detection work easier.

Call a Plumber for Water Leak Detection

If you consider yourself having a bit of experience dealing with water leaks, you can try handling the problem yourself. But remember that if the problem is too big or severe, always call in a plumber that are able to do residential water leak detection.

There are many leak detection services available and ready to help anyone in need. The cost for hiring the plumber is varying depending on the problem’s severity. The cost shouldn’t back you down though because your house and family are the priorities.

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