Copper Repiping: Why Beneficial

Why some have chosen to repipe their place with copper instead of iron pipes.

Repiping an office, home or other dwelling with copper supply pipes is what we mean when we say “copper repiping”.  This process of replacing supply pipes covers the whole building, not just parts of it.  Therefore it is a total solution not a temporary fix or bandaid. We are experienced professionals in the process of repiping in Long Beach and the greater Orange County area.

Some repiping companies offer a sandblasting method.  One where the inside of old pipes are blasted with a high pressure water and sand mixture.  Then epoxy coat the eroded interior in paint.  But if the pipe lines wear too thin blue to the sandblasting process, ruptures can occur at joints or fittings days or even weeks down the road.  In the end you have to repipe in copper anyway.

Low water pressure caused by corrosion within the iron piping, can also result in rusty looking water.  When the flow of water is reduced, backups and leaks result.  These are some of the reasons home owners have needed to replace their iron pipes with copper.

If you own a rental property then you know how stressful it can be when plumbing problems arise.  It makes the most sense to prepare ahead of time by installing reliable piping during the remodeling process.  This is also a good time to consider upgrading your system.

Some opt for tankless water heater installation and treatment systems coupled with water quality softener and filtration units.  Water pipe plumbing treatment systems in your house are a real plus.  This simplifies your set up and helps to eliminate future possible complications.

This is common among many of the older dwellings in Orange County.  In Huntington Beach some of our customers have complained about rusty water taste and low water pressure.  Also water lines damaged in slab leak repairs and pipe valve fittings with corrosion in Anaheim.

The leaking copper repipe cost in Anaheim is on the incline.  This gives rise to concern not only about the condition of the water pipes but the gas lines as well.

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Many customers have been requesting gas leak detection in Tustin and Huntington Beach.  This is not isolated to residential systems only the industrial and commercial sites fall into the same category.  This is a residential and commercial plumbing fixtures issue.

In some cases iron pipe repair and replacement with galvanized steel pipe and plumbing fittings will work.  However in most cases it is best to repipe with copper.

When a home owner is remodeling their place the walls are open and the plumbing is easily accessible.  This is a good time to engage in the process of exchanging the old iron pipes for copper.  Of course this is a large project and you must plan accordingly before starting.

If you have seen trickle leaking at some of your pipe joints or notice that the base of the water valves in your house are corroded, then you may need to consider repiping.  You can contact us for a consolation.

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What’s Involved in this Process

When changing out your plumbing it’s best to go with metal pipes, galvanized steel, iron, brass, and copper.  Some have gone with plastic piping like Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC, Poly Ethylene, and Polybutylene.  But there are issues with quality control on these products and the joints are often banded and glued.

Over time when exposed to heat they can easily burst whereas metal piping will leak.  Of course in cases where the local water PH levels are hard to manage Poly piping is a good recommendation.

Copper repiping, as a project, involves replacing the hot and cold domestic water pipes from the source to all faucets and water utilizing fixtures.  After removing the existing piping, copper tube repiping specialists install type “L” hard copper.  They are careful to properly secured the lines with appropriate strapping as well.  Then 1/4 turn ball valves are installed as water stops and new stainless water supply pipes are mounted.

In the final stage, the system is systematically flushed of debris and then pressure tested to ensure that there are no leaks.  This can usually be accomplished in four working days. In a retro fit situation wall patching and minor cover up will also need to be scheduled.

We are willing to do it all, commercial or home plumbing and repipe experts install and upgrade systems.  If you own a place in Orange County, we can refit you with new high quality piping.  Happily serving; copper repiping specialists in Upland, Huntington Beach and Anaheim CA.

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