Best Party Plumbing Tricks You Should Do

Do you really need a reason to party?  Whether it’s a formal occasion, a holiday, or just a family barbecue, parties are fun.  However, party time mean more friends, food, cooking, and using the facilities.  This puts an extra load on the plumbing systems in your house: kitchen waste, water pipes, garbage disposals.  It’s good to be prepared.  We will consider some things you can do to prepare your plumbing for good times, old friends and tuxedo T-shirts. Here are some of plumbing tips you may follow for your plumbing party.

The Bathroom, Laundry and Water Heater Systems

Ok, so there’s this old bathroom in the garage that you don’t normally use, but with so many guests it’s unavoidable.  How can you spruce it up?  Try simply replacing the chrome traps on the sinks.  Couple that with a little elbow grease and you should be in business.


Here’s another toilet related consideration, be sure that enough time passes between flushes.  If the tank fails to refill completely, the sewer pipes can more easily backup and clog.  You need the water pressure in that final part of the flush to get the feces and toilet paper to clear the pipes.  Perhaps put a note near the flushing handle.  No one wants to be the person at a party known for clogging the toilet.

Check this trick out.  When house guests stay overnight they inevitably need to use the laundry to wash clothes.  With more people in the house it means you are cleaning more and that generates laundry as well.  There will be rags, towels, and bedding.  Only run the washer when you have a full load.  This will help keep the water bill reasonably low.

Have you ever gotten ready to hop in the shower and there is no more hot water?  Or worse yet, the water is luke warm.  More guests means more showers.  Here’s what you can do.  Make a schedule, splitting the guests into two groups the “early birds” and the “night owls”.  Another thought is to be sure that you run washing machines and dishwashers overnight or real early in the morning.  Then they don’t create an overlapping draw on the hot water supply.

Contact us for an inspection of your hot water system today.  If it’s time for an upgrade, we can get on it before you have a full house.  Don’t get caught with your hot water down.

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Everything and The Kitchen Sink

Let’s talk kitchen drains.  The more people you are feeding the more food you prepare and the more chances there are for clogging the kitchen sink.  When you are in a rush more goes down the drain than you realize.  Then there’s the grease from cooking oils.  What can you do?  Try using paper towels or a newspaper to absorbed the oils before washing the pots and pans in your sink.

plumbing before party

Microwave ovens are  useful tools for party hosts.  Clean the inside of your microwave to ensure proper ventilation.  This will aid in preventing overheating.

HINT: Don’t use the ovens automatic cleaning cycle to clean it prior to the party.  It is hard on the appliance and you don’t want it to break down just before your guests visit.

It is also possible that floor drains in the kitchen or out on the deck can backup.  Keep a snake and plunger handy for these situations.  Call a professional if more than one drains are backing up.  This may be a sign of a more serious problem.

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Outside and On the Patio

This may sound obvious but, be sure to check the LPG bottle on the old barbecue.  Get it filled properly.  No one likes raw burgers.  Some have chosen to connect their barbecues up to the house gas line.  Check your local ordinance to be sure this is allowed.

Take the time to know where the main shut off valve is for the water supply to your house.  If things get ugly, you can handle it like a pro.  These valves are often located in out of the way places like basements or backyards.  Also, if uncle Larry decides to play in the sprinklers after a few beers, you can shut the water off and save him some of the embarrassment.

Solve Problems Before the Party Starts

Before you held your party, you need to do leak detection. If it’s in the middle of winter, check your pipe whether there’s a frozen pipe or not. If there’s any leak sign, you need to do line repair before it causes more damage. Another plumbing problem that used to happen is clogged drain and pipes, sump pumps, sewer system problem, water conditioning, and even water heater. Contact us today and we’ll give your plumbing a once over, and do the best plumbing repair services.  Fix problems now, before your party starts.  Finding drip leaks early on can save you a lot of headaches.  We will inspect your home for leaking valves and faucets, leaks on the supply lines, and toilet water valves that aren’t sealing properly.

plumbing problems

This will prevent emergency problems from happening and give your place a clean well maintained look.  It’s as simple as a few new washers and the tightening of some fittings.  Call us and we would be happy to care for this for you.

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Services: Things We Can Help You With

These are some services we provide to help party-proof your house plumbing.

Drain Cleaning: Slow Drains Mean More Pains

In addition to the increased use of your house plumbing, guests require constant feeding.  You will be using the garbage disposal more.  Drains that seem a bit slow now, will flare up under these circumstances.  Have your drains professionally cleaned before the party starts.

Water Heater Flushing: More Flow Less Slow

Water heater storage tanks will build up sediment over time.  Flushing your storage tank can increase the amount of hot water you have to offer your guests.  It will also improve the flow of your hot water supply.

Dishwasher Inspection

Dishwashers are great. If they are working properly we continue to use them almost effortlessly.  When the drains backup it’s another story.  Food debris and crystallized soap cakes can plug the drainage system and overflow the collection pan.  Be sure to clean your dishwasher thoroughly before the party season starts. We can ensure there is no blockage when we perform your inspection.

HINT: Rinse your dishes thoroughly before you put them into the automatic dishwashing machine.

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Bathroom Fan Inspection

Light a match!  Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving a bathroom rank with yesterday’s chilli.  Check that all bathroom fans are up to snuff.  Additionally ensure that the windows open properly.  Mold and mildew are also infamously troublesome in small moist places.  Proper ventilation is important when guests are staying in the house.  More showers are being taken and the door is kept closed more than in day-to-day use.

Inspect  Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

House fires are statistically greater during party time.  Keep your loved one secure. By checking the function of your smoke and monoxide detectors.

smoke detector

Prepare now for the mayhem that party guests reek on the houses of unsuspecting hosts.  Let us help you prepare.  If an emergency happens we are ready to come to your aid.   We provide for your home service needs, call Emergency Response Plumbers today!

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