Bathroom Remodeling

All over Orange Country, from Huntington Beach to Anaheim, people are interested in remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms.  For that reason, the demand for complete kitchen and bathroom remodel contractors is on the rise.

Fortunately for our customers, Emergency Response Plumbers is happy to be able to accommodate our customers’ need for quality bathroom remodel.

At Emergency Response Plumbers, we offer reliable, quality bathroom and kitchen remodels at affordable prices.  Our plumbing technicians are licensed locally and we offer free estimates.

As for costs, we work hard to get the best deals for our customers when it comes to kitchen, air conditioning and bathroom cabinets in Anaheim, CA and surrounding areas.

So, if you are thinking of a kitchen or bathroom remodel and are looking for the best bathroom contractors in Orange County, check out what Emergency Response Plumbers has to offer!

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If you talk to others who have undertaken a bathroom remodel in Anaheim, CA or similar areas, many will tell you how excited they were at the beginning of the project but how the final result was only reached after facing innumerable frustrating problems.  This often happens when the entire project has not carefully been thought through from start to finish.

Although careful planning does not necessarily mean a complete avoidance of all problems, it can lessen how many unexpected problems arise.

For this reason, you may find that most people who have undertaken a DIY kitchen or bathroom remodel time and time again have a similar piece of advice: hire a professional that you trust and leave it to them.

We are that company of professional bathroom contractors you can trust.


The Design Process

What is the typical process for a bathroom or kitchen remodel?  For every client of ours, as with most bathroom remodeling contractors in Anaheim and the surrounding areas, the bathroom remodel will start with a review of the existing premises and structures and an overview of what you, as the client, is looking to achieve with the remodel.

This is an important step and it differs from person to person.  Some are looking to remodel for themselves.  Perhaps they bought the house and put up their own bathroom design with colors and wallpaper that they did not especially like and are finally in a position to change.  Or perhaps enough time has passed and styles have changed and the current look is outdated so they need to do a bathroom design with the newest trends.

On the other hand, some of our customers find themselves in the midst of a complete home improvement remodeling for the sake of improving the value of their home with a view to selling it later.  Either way, you will enjoy working with our professionals to do your bathroom design with a lovely new look and an estimate of the cost.

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The Demolition

Every space is unique and deserves and customized demolition plan. After a design has been agreed upon and an estimate accepted, it’s time for the demolition of the existing kitchen or bathroom.  Our technicians are trained to do this safely and carefully and can handle repairs that may be needed as well.  Not all spaces are created equal and not just any space can accommodate a kitchen bathroom remodel.  So understanding these parameters before hand is the key.

Here is the process.  First we will open up the drywall or finished surface in the areas where plumbing pipes need to run.  Then remove cabinets, fixtures, and clear space for the job.


The Rebuild

It is important to install venting and drainage plumbing first.  Getting the pipe sizing and types correct is important for meeting local codes and for the proper functioning of your plumbing system.

Having your pipe vents installed correctly is also the key.  We do as little damage the the wooden framing of your walls as possible.  When pipes are run through the studs, they are reinforced.  The plumbing will be installed prior to the electrical.

Now that the vent and drainage pipes are in and we have installed the copper cold and hot water lines, it’s time for the sink.  Some choose a full vanity other go for a simple but elegant pedestal sink.  These will be securely braced to the wall for stability.  This also prevents unnecessary strain of the pipes and drain seals.

Next we will mount and hookup the shower, bathroom fixture and bathtub faucets. The installation of a whirlpool bathtub is a popular option.  Imagine having your own spa experience at our fingertips.  While these tubs take a lot of space, they are no hard to install.  Let us set you up with this.

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How about a luxury shower?  These days bathroom technology has developed in practical leap and bounds.  One example is what can be experienced in a luxury shower.

Innovations like shower towers and power showers, luxury bathroom fixture, amiable jets, soaking footbaths.  Try out a waterfall shower head.  Then dry off with a preheated towel.  There are some newer showers fitted with steam generators for your own sauna style experience.

These amazing mood-enhancing units do require more expertise to install correctly.  No problem, we can do this for you as well.

Then, with new finishes and fixtures, it’s time to finish the rebuild of your new kitchen or bathroom!

Many clients choose to make minor change mainly involving color scheme and fixtures.  In some cases, more involved renovations may be called for.  In fact, your remodel may even call for a shower wall construction contractor.  This may sound daunting, but in the end, you will be glad you hired professional bathroom contractors to get the job done.

If the remodel is only involving changes to color scheme and lifestyle of bathroom fixture for kitchen and bath, it may take much less time.

While there are many places that offer bathroom fixture in Huntington Beach, CA and surrounding areas, our remodel professionals can help find the right fit for you and your tastes!

Our professionals will clean up after the remodel and leave you with a brand-new bathroom or kitchen custom fitted to your needs, tastes and style!

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You will be happy that you chose Emergency Response Plumbers for your kitchen and bath remodel!

In short, when you are looking for Anaheim bathroom remodeling contractors, call Emergency Response Plumbers.  We are the right choice for you!

We offer locally licensed professionals who are available 24/7.  We honor our customers’ vision and get the job done right the first time!