Plumbing System Sustainability: How to Save 40% On Energy and Water

How to Save Energy and Water up to 40% with Plumbing System Sustainability

Don’t you know that energy and water crisis are challenges that must be overcome for the next a decade? It is not something exaggerated then if the discourse of energy and water savings are started to discuss even now. In fact, there is less than 1% of water amount in the earth that can be consumed by people. More than that, the limitation of natural resources is also pressured by the growth of human population and industry all around the world. The lack of energy and water can be a global disaster anyway. So, some efforts must be done starting from now including within the plumbing system. What are they?

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Tank or Tankless Water Heater

It is actually quite difficult to decide which one the more efficient is. Compared to the old versions of tank water heaters, it seems that the newer series are much more efficient. However, due to the application of standby heat loss and energy usage, it is still less efficient. Meanwhile, in some cases, a tankless water heater is efficient as well for the ability to reduce the energy used significantly. Now, you can choose one of them based on your own necessities. For a home with some family members, tank water heater is more necessary to use. Meanwhile, if you are living alone or just two in your house, the tankless one seems better.

Use the Solar Energy System

Installing the appliances for water heating using solar energy may be very expensive at the beginning. However, the advantages can just be felt after that. Aside from being able to save more money, you just help to save the energy and water up to 40%. It is good for the environmental sustainability for sure.

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Use the Shower

It is better to use a kind of shower with low pressure of the flow. Meanwhile, it is better to use your bathtub only at certain time. Why? It is because using shower can just save the water for more than 60%. You may not notice it well. But once you fill in the bathtub, it means you waste around 15 liters of water. A bathtub is indeed good for relaxation but if it means you just waste the water as well as energy, lessening its usage is much better to do.

Minimize the Closet’s Flush

In this modern day, it seems fun as the closet even has its own flush. However, here is the problem; you may just flush the closet too much. of course, it is not necessary. When using the flush, only make sure that the smell and the entire filth is gone. You don’t need to flush it on the second or third times. Meanwhile, take advantage of the double flush options that can be found in the stores. It helps you to save the water more.

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Apply the Drain Water Heat Recovery System

To reduce the amount of heater performance, particularly when it is not needed, you can apply the drain water heat recovery system. Although it is quite challenging to be installed in the residential areas, it is helpful to lessen the usage of too much water and energy anyway.

Now we know what parts of plumbing we need to do to save water and energy. These works need a professional hand to install or replace it. Let ERP help you to handle all of this with the best and fast services. We offer 24/7 services for all plumbing needs in Orange County.